Ritual 1: Strike the Match

Idle No More 

(Idle No More Click it for the ritual in pdf format)

Time Frame: From Now (while the Light of the World returns in the northern hemisphere) until the evening of the Full Moon on January 26th 2013EV (the full moon symbolizing the apex of renewal)

Formula: Light – The Awakening of the Mental Connection between the Magickian and the Universal Currents:

– A pointed invocation of the Element of Air / Wind / Intelligence /  Enlightenment

– Renewal

Intent:  A striking of the match, a launching of the Signal: the Pronouncement of the Work

Result:  An Aura spread globally to facilitate the proper implementation of the Work

Secured: Dissonance: A shaking-up of the existing Currents, as opening the ground to facilitate the sowing of new seeds.

Position: Void (Null)

Step 1:

A)  Set Workspace Boundary: specifically create as strong a barrier as possible between a chosen sacred working space and the outer world.

B)  Cleanse the minds of the participants to create a more tangible separation from the outer world.

C)  Clear the taint of distraction from the workspace.

D)  Consecrate the participants and tools as sacred and toward the desired ends.

Step 2: (optional)

Invoke (bring into) the space and/or participant(s), evoke (bring up and out) or otherwise excite any carefully chosen aspects that will aid in the building, channeling, and release of energy.

Step 3:

Select and employ a powerful mechanism for the raising of energy. Raise as much energy as is possible and keep it contained within the confines of the boundary erected in Step 1. Focus must be maintained on the building of the energy, but it may — and probably should — be generally coloured or shaped by the intent of the greater Working (which is to disturb and effect change in the existing currents that are leading humanity to its self- destruction); this can be performed by a central figure such as a High Priest. Bear in mind during the construction of this phase that the energy is designed to disrupt, and therefore can be as inharmonious as is tolerable and containable; and that upon its release, it will be scattered widely into the Universe at large. Then raise the energy until it makes the head swim. Raise it until it swells the heart and the abdomen.  Raise it like never before!

Step 4:

Upon the moment of the maximum potential build-up of energy (i.e. the workspace should be thick with it) the participants, on cue, simultaneously and explosively, release the energy from its containment, either using the boundary established in Step 1 as a mirror, effectively translating it from the workspace to the outer world, by releasing the mechanism employed for assisting containment, or by completely dismantling the circle and thus similarly releasing the energy, or by some other method.

Step 5:

If not already having done so in Step 4, break down the workspace boundary, and in some fashion move the residues of the working out of the immediate area (e.g. sweep the area clear with a besom or shaking a blanket) but please DO NOT attempt to undo any of what has just been accomplished; or balance it out with any kind of counter-working as this working will be involving many groups and individuals in many places of the world.

A Note on this Working

Participation and/or assistance with this working neither obligates nor entitles participation in subsequent workings.

Notes and Suggestions for This Working 

0. This is a schematic of an energetic working, the structure of which is able to be shaped into any form of style, tradition, or inclination that pleases the participants most. It need not be as rigid as might be misinterpreted from its meticulous delineation above, which was done for clarity’s sake. The comments and suggestions below are largely provided to inspire and guide the participants in constructing their own working but mixing and matching suggestions from those provided is completely acceptable. This working may be performed once or many times in as many ways, within the time frame noted above. The more people involved in this effort, the stronger the effect will be.

1. Location: The setting for this working should be in an enclosing environment; not meaning to say it must be inside. Suggested options in no particular order of preference are as follows:  a yoga or meditation room; a temple already rightly disposed for devotion, ritual, etc.; a copse of trees or a glade; a favorite spot in the local woods; a convergence of lay lines or any power spot, really, so long as it’s private enough to not encourage being disturbed by non-participants.

2. Boundary:  The perimeter being referred to is often thought of as a protective circle of energy, invoked and maintained through visualization and an exertion or extension of Will power. It can be constructed both physically and visually with chalk or symbols that hold a pattern of continuity. This circle can act as a protective barrier, an amplifier, a mirror or perform a small host of alternate functions: for the purpose of this working, consider it a container that separates the participants, and more specifically, the energy from without; unless, that is, the participants have chosen to use it as a collector in its own right. (In any event, a circle gains in strength with collected energy from within and without.)

3. Cleansing:  The purpose of cleansing is to remove from the forefront of the conscious mind any thoughts that might lead to distraction, be it having forgotten to feed the fish, the pain in your knee or that Mother’s birthday is coming up. This can be accomplished with several deep breaths while focusing on the movement of that air in and out of the body, often in conjunction with the visualization that purified air is entering and tainted air is being exhaled. Ultimately, the mind should be blank and devoid of random and distracting thoughts.

4. Clearing:  A sweeping of unwanted energy toward the perimeter with the intent to either add it to the strength of, or to expel it beyond the confines of the circle. This is often done with a besom (broom) or the demonstrative shooing motion with the shaking of a blanket, or even just by Will alone.

5. Consecration: Performance of anointing participants and tools with sacred oils (attuned to the work at hand or neutral in nature), a quick charging of athames (magnetized knives  that are attuned and act to amplify and extend the energy of the participant in workings (e.g. casting a magick circle)), flails (fetishes for the purpose of excitement of the energy conduits within the participant, and arousing the sensitivity of the participant in general), bells and singing bowls (which will raise energy in the realm of harmonics, its vibrations permeating the most solid of matter), and so on. In addition, the consecration step can include wafting the smoke from burning incense within the space and/or over the participants, a short but intense guided meditation, a joining of hands in a closed circle for a quick ritual consecration (i.e. a declaration of intent to solidify the focus of the participants).

6. Preliminary Invocations:  Call, stir and summon any general or specific Powers, Spirits, Deities, Egregores or other catalysts conducive to the raising, amplifying and/or shaping of energy , such as an energy sphere (an energy-attracting, absorbing and metaphorically “spring-loaded” containing black disc with eight black arrows pointing in all directions symbolic of the dispersing of that same energy). Please use Step 2 in the working only if the participants are experienced and comfortable with working with such entities or energies, otherwise they can, at best, become the very distractions the participants are inclined to avoid; and at worst…

NOTE: A really good example of personified energy to activate is that of the Terra Mata, the primordial essence or pure, raw nature of the Gaia force.

7. The Main Working:   A list of suggested mechanisms follows:

– a stimulating chant with a counter-rhythm or counter-chant

Examples include:

«Thee, Thee I Invoke!» (referring to the Spirit within the participant in a summoning of strength and energy. Feel the power swirl within and without as it is attracted to the participants)

«Hear me! and make all spirits subject unto me, so that every spirit of the Firmament and of the Ether; upon the earth or under the earth; on dry land and in the water; of whirling air and of rushing fire; and every spell and scourge of God be obedient unto me!»

«The Will  and Word of this Witch shall be Felt and Heard!»

«By the Sun and Moon and Stars we move the World, we open the Way!»

«Break the Pattern, Break the Spell! Break the Pattern Break the Spell! Now!»

– drumming and wild dancing

a.  Twin Dance – Two dancers, joined at both hands (or gripping wrists) spin wildly within the confines of the sacred workspace upon the fulcrum point between them, raising energy in the shape of a powerful whirlwind or tornado-shaped eddy.

b.  Widdershins* Sword & Spiral Dance  – moving around in a circle within the perimeter of the boundary with sword outstretched, symbolically catching the energy as it catches the air, and spinning a full turn at the approach of each cardinal point and swinging the sword upward in time with the spin to thrust the gathered energy upward toward the apex of the sacred workspace, and then continuing on travelling the perimeter to the next cardinal point, and so on for multiple passes of the circle. (The dancer may substitute the sword with a staff or wand or blanket or any air-scooping tool desired, for safety’s sake) The spiral dance, traditionally, begins at a gradually increasing pace and ends with such speed that the continuous motion and counter-balance of the sword are the only effects keeping the dancer upright. (*widdershins: moving in a counter-clockwise direction in the northern hemisphere is to move against the natural direction of currents and eddies of the planet’s energy flow, and builds energy aggressively just as moving a hand upstream in a creek will make a churling resistance in the water and thus an energy build-up. Hail, Brothers and Sisters in the Southern hemisphere, and please bear this in mind when constructing your workings.)

c.  Multiple drummers drumming to different times, say, 3:3, 4:4, and 5:5, where the dissonant beats meet only at the common factor between them (in this instance, drummers one and two will meet every twelve beats, drummers one and three every fifteen beats, and drummers two and three every twenty beats, and all three every sixty beats). Choreographed or not, this makes for very exciting energy-raising, especially when in conjunction with dancing.

d.  Traditional native war dance or an appeal to the ancestors in the star web above.

e.  Vocal Toning and/or singing bowls (It sometimes happens that the differing vibrations in the air caused by the toning meet and in intersecting each other create a new and collective vibration which to the ear sounds like a dissonant ringing. For the purpose of this working, which is to unsettle otherwise set currents, this can be considered ideal) – a progressively intensifying “round” or  “call and answer”, ending in shouts

Examples include:

«Hell No, We Won’t Flow!» shouted→ ←shouted  «Run Riot!»

«We don’t like the state of things!» shouted→  

shouted «Change them! Change them!»

«Moving the World, We Make the Change» shouted→ ←shouted  «Break it Down, Build it up!»

Group 1 «Things Have Got to Change!» →   

Group 2 ← «We Will Make the Change»

In Unison ↑  «Break the Pattern, Break the Spell» 


– a building chant in conjunction with a stirring invocation from a central figure

For example:


«By the Sun and Moon and Stars we move the World, we open the Way!» (chant continues while HP invokes…)

High Priest:

«Hear me! and make all spirits subject unto me, so that every spirit of the Firmament and of the Ether; upon the earth or under the earth; on dry land and in the water; of whirling air and of rushing fire; and every spell and scourge of God be obedient unto me! «We are called and are come to break the waves and currents of motion in the Universe to open the Way for a New Rhythm for the betterment of All the Earth’s inhabitants! We raise the Spell, we raise the Power, we change the Tides in the ocean of Time and Space. We Call and Stir every influence in the world to shift and move in time with Our Will and Our Rhythm, and facilitate the forging of the Better Way, the Way of Enlightenment!

«Hear me! and make all spirits subject unto me, so that every spirit of the Firmament and of the Ether; upon the earth or under the earth; on dry land and in the water; of whirling air and of rushing fire; and every spell and scourge of God be obedient unto me! »


«Break the Pattern, Break the Spell! Break the Pattern Break the Spell! Now!»

– full-blown ceremonial ritual  for those who know what this entails; often quite flowery and superfluous. requires immense control to focus and contain the energy the participants are trying to amass.

– a cone of power

Cones of power are traditionally viewed as forming point downward and funneling into a talisman or vessel of another kind. When formed widdershins (counter-clockwise) the point forms upward to shoot off as a beam to a remote destination, vessel or what-have-you.

– a summoning of a disrupting or dispersing influence to give a more specific shape and direction to the energy being raised this is a more challenging means than others to accomplish any given desired end, often having a price tag attached to it; and again requiring a great deal of experience in such matters; and most likely excessive for the purpose of this working.

– a spearhead or scattering of energy,  utilizing either precision focus or a dispersive formula. (The target for the working is the stagnant and established currents that happen to be detrimental to the evolution of life on this planet as a whole) A dispersive formula will be easier, and can find the target on its own.

– banging swords and maces upon shields whilst shouting over other participants

– any one or combination of the ideas above, or something of your own, you get the idea,,,

8. Unleashing the Energy:  A sure method of casting energy up and out toward an effect is to reach down with both hands to the centre of the working space, or the energy sphere if you have employed such a sigil, and scoop/throw the energy upward as the arms are quickly raised to the ceiling; such a gesture cannot fail if the energy has been raised. Translating the energy outside the circle without breaking the boundary can be accomplished with a bit of consideration as to how the circle is also like a mirror and a natural magnifier; and performed by the central figure in the working (i.e. the High Priest or Priestess of the moment) A handful of circle-breaking energy cast at the perimeter should be sufficiently effective, especially when accompanied by a shout announcing the fact. A slashing at the perimeter with an Athame with the same intent is equally effective.

9. Closing of the Space:  A reminder to not undo what has been accomplished. This working is already specifically designed at facilitating the effort (as tilling the fertile soil) to unhinge the destructive currents initiated by others long ago through to present day. The re-balancing will come on its own at the proper time. Personal clearing of the participants should be done by grounding (literally placing hands, knees and feet on the ground and pushing — or rather, allowing to flow naturally — any residual energy out of the body and into the earth, where it will be swallowed up and assimilated into that vastness) or by showering (allowing the moving water to accomplish the same result as grounding). And of course, release any outside influences that have been enlisted, once their function has been fulfilled.  The participants should expect to feel both full and buzzing or light-headed as well as somewhat drained at the same time, if they’ve put effort into the working.


(Ritual outline via Valak.  Our thanks to you for this work for the Work.)

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