We invite you

We, a handful of initiates from different groups, have been spending our last couple years-worth of dark moons channelling and working with what we loosely refer to as the “ancestors of Witch”.

It all kind of started by accident but has progressed into some really potent sessions, where we have been exploring past expert insights and perspectives.

I came to join this group about six months into these sessions, and being Hermetic, grilled these outside entities (and they are) for authenticity and with a completely natural skepticism, determining that they are wholly consistent with what they claim to be. One of the angles we approach these ancestors with is self-improvement, and without fail, they respond with details specific to the questioner, and in multiple layers of meaning. We have endeavoured to push beyond the current limits of our potency, of our competence, of our confidence, striving with each day to more and better.

Anyway, in the midst of this “levelling up” we were challenged to step onto the proving ground and test our mettle.  We were challenged to cause change in the current state of things and to effect a shift in the current course of humanity on a global level, on a magickal level, from the downward and self-destructive spiral we currently follow: to raise the awareness of, and our connections with the world; and to excite humanity into action for the sake of all our futures.

We are doing something very old in a very new way. The entire thing on its own promises to be more challenging than anything we’ve ever done; and we will face adversity from already established patterns, and from the proponents of that establishment as well, we have our work cut out for us. But we have since realized that the infrastructure is already in place for what we propose to do, to work this as a collective effort; and more, the current Æon is focused on the power of the individual, and different Paths leading to the same Goal, meaning that we all have the ability — however untapped it may be in any of us — to reshape the world. All we need to do, is to get as many magickal people on board for the initial working, to shake up the current patterns and give them a little push here and there as they fall back into rhythm.

Why was this challenge put to us? Because we asked for it, and because we are in a position to both see and understand the progress and meaning of events in our world, from cause to cascading effect; and to effect the changes necessary to support the continuity of personal and societal evolution, and existence.

What do these ancestors want and get out of this? They benefit in the same way as we do. They stand, isolated, mostly forgotten in a world full of people so detached from themselves and from the rest of the world that they scarcely believe in anything outside of materialism, and at best clutch frantically at superstition. If human-kind can survive itself, then such an awakening stands to increase communication in all realms of the Spirit.

These ancestors and the multitude of others are they who have chosen to abide between the realms, and hold a wealth of wisdom and insight, have a more objective perspective than we who are tied to the mortal coil, and are willing to share that perspective to those who make the effort to improve themselves.

And we so need that, for it truly is we who have lost touch.

They may point out patterns where we saw only random; they may catch an anomaly in an anticipated pattern; they may see and offer alternative methods to a course of action we hold as necessary. But beyond the presenting of the challenge, they have not urged us beyond the admonition to watch our timing of things.

Why are you reading this? Because you as a magickal being, you deserve to have the opportunity to co-create a better world, to add your energy and will to what the future holds for us all. The more energy we have raised together, the more potent the effect will be.

And on that note, there is a basic outline on this webpage (under Ritual, called Ritual 1:  Lighting the Match) that clearly defines the aim of the working, and everything else people need to help out.

Also, whether or not you choose to assist in this endeavor, I do ask that you forward this to any and every magickal coven, group and person you are able, so that they too have this choice presented to them.

Nobody’s going to make the world better for us, so it’s pretty much up to us, though it may well be that others are doing similar work on their own. This is a good thing, and the time is now.  Hereafter, we are not for hopes and wishes, but Work our Wills to bring a much- needed change.  Hereafter, we are Idle No More!    Love is the law, love under will.


Changing the World

Global warming, GMO foods, spreading financial crises, our world is on a path that is dangerously ill.  The status quo is leading us down a garden path that is choked with weeds.

Do you want to break free?

Do you want things to change?

Do you want the world to heal?

We do.

We are but a few, scattered here and far, yet we stand tall and strong in our deeds.  We work resolutely towards the healing of the world, the enlightenment of humankind, a breaking down of the established ways that threaten us all.

There are things we can do.  As magical people we hold the power and the real ability to change things.

We invite you to join us.

We will help the world to heal.

We will shift the current course of humanity.


We can work together.

Are you in?