Follow-Up on Ritual 1: Strike the Match

Greetings All,

We would like to give tremendous thanks to everyone who participated in this working. It was just the beginning, yet still a success. Besides shaking up the pathways of probability, what we have all done is made a statement of our dissatisfaction of where things have been heading, each to our own degree. We have awakened a part of ourselves that we had allowed to be passive or dormant, allowing the world to roll over us in our inertia. We have taken an initial few steps toward the change that will need to be made for a better outlook and future. We have made an extension of individual Will as part of a collective effort.

But don’t let this be an end of it. Shaping a world takes more than shouting at the existing environment. It requires constant attention and reinforcement. What does this mean? What do we have to do? We need to decide what factors contribute toward a better world and which things perpetuate a destructive momentum; then we need to remove our support from that which we do not want.

As examples, if we suspect that GMO foods are causing health issues in people, we read up on it to know why we should feel this way; and we stop using foods that are tainted by genetic modification. If we think that there are better ways to power our homes, we can build or buy a solar panel or two. If we think that the propaganda about global warming is mostly false, we tell people what we think…and why we think it. Even a simple warm smile can shift someone’s perspective, or shift the vibe of a room full of people.

It can be a lot easier to affect the world we live in than we ever realised. But we can’t be idle or lazy about it, because the way the world is now is the result of other people’s actions, perhaps even ours. Darkness is merely the absence of Light. We, as Dark Stars, need to kindle our Light — our Fire, and to help others to light their own Lamps. Society pushes us to think that we are isolated and strange to each other, but for all our individuality we have more in common than not. Let’s think about that! You are not alone!

We are not alone! Let’s stand together in this: we Will MAKE a better world TOGETHER.

And thanks again for your support and help. It is appreciated. Every man and every woman is a Star.


The Dark Star Core Crew.

Idle No More

The First Working of the First Part of this Great Work was initiated at Yule in a sub-urban forest in the Metro Vancouver area in British Columbia, Canada.

Today is the official roll-out of the framework to the initiated masses. The formula and schematic, along with suggested methods and ideas in-line with the formula is being distributed as widely as possible. It is with great earnestness that the Dark Star Core Crew promote the concept behind “Changing the World” and becoming “Idle No More”.