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Changing the World

Global warming, GMO foods, spreading financial crises, our world is on a path that is dangerously ill.  The status quo is leading us down a garden path that is choked with weeds.

Do you want to break free?

Do you want things to change?

Do you want the world to heal?

We do.

We are but a few, scattered here and far, yet we stand tall and strong in our deeds.  We work resolutely towards the healing of the world, the enlightenment of humankind, a breaking down of the established ways that threaten us all.

There are things we can do.  As magical people we hold the power and the real ability to change things.

We invite you to join us.

We will help the world to heal.

We will shift the current course of humanity.


We can work together.

Are you in?

About saturndarkhope

A crazy double-decade witch expounding on life, the universe and everything...or verily nothing.

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